My Laboratory: the Visceral Physics of racing and a primer in Motorcycle Physics.

Physics 1111/1112
General Physics
Summer 13
Instructor: Martin Hackworth


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Welcome to PHYS1111/1112. I really like teaching this class and I hope that you will enjoy taking it.

I have always been interested in Physics because I have always been curious about how the things worked. Physics answers those questions. My interests: climbing, motorcycling, skiing/snowboarding, and professional audio all involve visceral physics - the challenges are often in the form of physics problems that you solve with your mind and body.

As an applied physicist I have been able to  participate in many of the activities I enjoy at a professional level. Experience in acoustics and audio engineering formed the basis of a long career in professional audio.  I hold an expert motorcycle roadracing license and have worked as a test rider/feature writer for a and currently I am or have been a contributor to several motorcycle, music industry, climbing and ski industry publications (see below).

My greatest desire is that you come share the view that physics as fun and worthwhile. Physics, though initially intimidating, is not a difficult subject if you can master a few basic physical principles. It's front loaded though, so maximum effort in the beginning yields big dividends later.

Please do not hesitate to ask me physics questions that are related to things that you are interested in. This course it will be a great  success if you develop a better understanding about things that you enjoy as a result of having been here.

Take a field trip in visceral physics.


Important course information: Six things to do before the first day of class

Examine the PHYS1111/1112 Syllabus
Acquire the textbook and online resources. The textbook (required) for this course, Giambattista, 2nd Ed., is available as an e-book (recommended) through Connect. McGraw-Hill Connect (required). You'll also need a laptop,tablet or other mobile device capable of working with Connect. I highly recommend the e-book version of Giambattista which is much less expensive than the hardback and customizable. The license is good for up to a year and you may download and print the text should you desire a hard copy.
Go to the Aleks website and register for the custom tutorial I've created for you (our course code is: Math Prep for College Physics KADKN-WHYHL). Aleks is an inexpensive math tutorial that is not mandatory, but I will award points for anyone who completes the tutorial prior to the it's close (around the beginning of class). Last year there was nearly a 1:1 correspondence between "A's" and students who completed at least 75% of the tutorial.
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You need the Acrobat Reader for most of the following files.

material covered
L1 science and pseudoscience baloney 101, baloney detection, the road to perdition (class discussion material)
L2 basics physical quantities
L3 kinematics in 1 dimension linear motion/kinematics 1, 2, 3, at the dragstrip, hyperphysics 1, 2, What happens when things go wrong (fun stuff - pal Matt Murphy on his first dirt bike ride)
L4 vectors in a plane

resolution of vectors

L5 kinematics in 2 dimensions motion in a plane 1, hyperphysics trajectories
L6 forces forces 1, kinematics revisited, forces 2, friction, gravity, hyperphysics friction, general dynamics, the visceral physics of kinetic friction
L7 centripetal force/circular motion centripetal force/circular motion , hyperphysics centripetal force
L8 work and energy 1, 2, hyperphysics work, energy power
L9 linear momentum & collisions 1, 2 Visceral Physics: minimizing the change in the linear momentum vector to better stick a landing - good job, bad job. Conservation of linear momentum with the .577 "T-Rex" rifle.
L10 rotational kinematics and dynamics rotation, moments of inertia, torque,
L11 rotational equilibrium and dynamics 1st and 2nd conditions,hyperphysics, Translation/Rotation & Energy, examples 1, examples 2, examples 3
L12 rotational dynamics, gravity angular momentum, gravity, hyperphysics
L13 review of mechanics review of mechanics, motorcycle physics
L14 fluids 1, hyperphysics
L15 simple harmonic motion and waves the unit circle and shm, shm,The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse, waves, Doppler Effect
L16 sound and acoustics sound waves I, sound waves II, physical acoustics I, a very loud sound. Hyperphysics musical instrument site. Concert A (A4 - 440 Hz), A1 - A8 (55 - 7040 Hz), Middle C, Pitch. Listen to this audio file and these samples "A4" notes from it: trumpet (solo), trombone (solo), sax (solo), guitar (solo), vocal (solo) A2 (bass) a snare, then look at the spectra from the same instruments: trumpet (waveform), bone (waveform), sax (waveform), guitar (waveform), vocal (waveform), bass, snare. Mathematics and Music, Guitar tuning, Scale Temperament, Equal Temperament (hyperphysics), Loudspeaker polar patterns 1, 2, Fun stuff from fun times. Music samples courtesy of Johnny Caril, Greg Hotrum,Andy Rayborn,Lindsay Craft, Rob Thyburg, Logan Linney.
L17 thermodynamics thermo 1, 2, 3,heat transfer and Earth's atmosphere, 4, 5, interesting reading on food calories
L18 mech/thermo/acoustics application
L19 electrostatics electrostatics, Coulomb's law, the electric field electric field lines of force/equipotential lines, Gauss's Law, electrical potential, hyperphysics, quiz 1 key, examples 1
L20 electrodynamics, circuits I capacitors and capacative circuits, hyperphysics capacitors
L21 circuits II electrodynamics, DC resistive circuits, RC circuits, RC circuits examples 1, Kirchoff's examples, examples 1, 2, quiz 2 key
L22 magnetism I magnetic fields, force and torque on a current loop, motional emf, DC motor, AC motor, examples 1, 2
L23 magnetism II magnetic field sources,magnetism in matter,
L24 circuits III self-induction, household wiring, the power grid, other circuits of interest, RL circuits, LC circuits, hyperphysics impedance, RLC AC Circuits
L25 review of electricity and magnetism  
L26 electromagnetic waves electromagnetic waves, light and color
L27 optics optics I, optics II, inerference I, diffraction, polarization, hyperphysics optics, atmospheric optics, examples I, II, III (thin films and diffraction examples), IV.
exams and quizzes 111 summer 08: quiz 3 key, exam 1 key, exam 2 key, exam 3 key 112 summer 08: exam 1 key, exam 2 key, exam 3 key


PHYS111 Week 1 5/20 - 5/23 Exam 1 - Friday, May 24 FCI pre-test, L1 - L6
Week 2 5/28 - 5/30 Exam 2 - Friday, May 31 L6 - L8
Week 3 6/3 - 6/6 Exam 3 - Friday, June 7 L9 - 13, mechanics review, FCI post test
Week 4 6/10 - 6/13 Exam 4, Final - Friday, June 14 L14 - L17, Final
PHYS112 Week 1 6/17 - 6/20 Exam 1 - Friday, June 21 CSEM pre-test, L18 - L19
Week 2 6/24 - 6/27 Exam 2 - Friday, June 28 L20 - L22
Week 3 7/1 - 7/3 Exam 3 - Friday, July 5 L23 - L25
Week 4 7/8- 7/11 Exam 4, Final - Friday July 12 L26 - L27, CSEM post-test, Final

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