Physics 1152-01
Spring 2015
Instructor: Martin Hackworth

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Your textbook and homework system (Introduction to Astronomy, 7th Ed., Thomas Arny/with Connect and Learnsmart. Please note that you may purchase this directly from the Mcgraw-Hill website if you so choose.
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PHYS 1152 Exam Schedule

Exam 1 - Friday, January 30
Exam 2 - Friday, February 20
Exam 3 - Friday, March 13
Exam 4 - Friday, April 3
Exam 5 - Friday, April 24
Final - Wed May 6, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

PHYS 1152 Course Notes & LinksAll course notes and lecture materials posted at this site are copyright 1997 - 2015 by Martin Hackworth. All other copyrighted materials are used with permission. 

The following links contain instructor notes and student notes for this course. It is recommended that you wait to download instructor notes until we are near the pertinent unit as these are subject to modification. The instructor makes no claims of accuracy in notes other than his own. Student notes are provided for for the writing impaired and have been posted without editing.
Science vs. Pseudoscience: a great site from PHY105 at Syracuse U: notes, more dubious stuff,my flippant comments about acupuncture were pretty close to the truth!
Overview of the Cosmos: notes, student notes, student notes, student notes, Powers of 10. Very Cool. Submitted by Connie Gomez
Historical Astronomy: notes, student notes, student notes, The Astronomy of Ancient China,The Astronomy of the Ancient Middle East, The Astronomy of the Ancient Americas, Other Cultures, Chapter 1, Arny
Gravity/Motion: notes, student notes, Chapter 2, Arny
The Electromagnetic Spectrum: notes1, notes2, student notes, student notes, a great link on various spectral types Chapter 3, Arny, Doppler Shift
Celestial Coordinates: notes, student notes
Telescopes: notes, student notes, student notes Chapter 4, Arny
The Earth and Moon: notesnotes, formation of the moon (from National Geographic), student notes, student notes, student notesstudent notesstudent notes Chapters 5 - 6, Arny
Earth and Moon continued: anthropogenic global warming, Earth's atmosphere, Earth's Energy Balance (courtesy of NASA submitted by Shannon Amy), Earth's magnetic field, the Greenhouse Effect,
Time and The Calendar: notes  
The Solar System: notes, student notes student notes, student notes, student notes, Orbital Synchronization, The Retrograde Rotation of Venus (one theory), student notes The Face on Mars, Chapters 7 - 10, Arny, The Jovian atmosphere. Earth Impact Calculator (submitted by Forrest Fisher), large scale atmospheric circulation, Comets I, II, III
Stars I: notes, student notes  Chapters 11 - 13, Arny
The Sun I: notes, student notes, radio astronomy
Having trouble with astronomy calculations on your TI-30XA? Help is available here.
The Sun II: notesstudent notes, a solar storm (courtesy of Briana Maas)
The Stars II: notes, student notes
Stars III: notes, student notes, student notes
Stellar Evolution: notes, student notes
Stellar Remnants: notes Chapter 14, Arny Black Holes I, II, III, IV
The Milky Way: notes Chapter 15, Arny, Milky Way/Andromeda collision
Relativity: notes