INQUA Mountain Glacier Research Project

Timing and Nature of Mountain Glacier Advances,

from 5e to YD



This project aims to assess global variability in the timing of Late Pleistocene mountain glacier fluctuations, and to initiate research to fill critical data gaps.   Data from widespread locales indicate that the timing of mountain glacier maxima and subsidiary advances varied widely, and that such variability likely reflects important paleoclimatic processes.   As additional chronologic data are generated, particularly with widespread usage of cosmogenic and luminescence techniques, it is essential to design a conceptual framework for evaluating the temporal and spatial distribution of mountain glacier fluctuations and to identify areas where critical data are insufficient.

This project is conducted under the auspices of the International Quaternary Union (INQUA), during the 2003-2007 intercongress period. The project leader is Glenn Thackray at Idaho State University (USA).




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