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DateReadingTopicAssignments Due
Aug 20Intro and MotivationRead syllabus/schedule
Aug 221, 2.1, 3.1-3.3Perceptron and Delta RuleInstall toolkit (before class)
Aug 273.4Perceptron and Delta RulePerceptron HW (before class)
Aug 292.2
Perceptron Lab description
Data, Testing, and ML ToolkitQuadric Machine HW (before class)
Sep 33.5
Logistic Regression
Linear Regression and Logistic Regression
Sep 52.4-2.5
Group Project proposal description
Inductive BiasLinear Regression HW (before class)
Logistic Regression HW (before class)
Sep 104.1-4.3BackpropagationPerceptron Lab (due by 11 pm)
Service-learning proposal (due by 11 pm)
Sep 124.4-4.5
Experiment with TensorFlow playground
Backpropagation Lab description
BackpropagationBackpropagation HW (before class)
Sep 174.6Backpropagation
Sep 192.2Comparing Classifiers, Grad SchoolGroup Project Proposal
Sep 246.1
Optional: Data Preparation
Feature Selection and Reduction
Sep 266.2,6.5-6.6
Optional: 6.3-6.4
Features (cont), PCAGroup Project Voting (due by 11 pm on 9/27)
Oct 112.1-12.2Decision TreesBackpropagation Lab (due by 11 pm)
Begin gathering data for group project
Oct 312.3-12.4
Decision Tree Lab description
Decision TreesDecision Tree HW (before class)
Data gathering email report
Oct 8Midterm
Oct 105.1-5.2,7-7.2.1
Nearest Neighbor Lab description
Nearest Neighbor (Lecture online - No Class)
Oct 152.3Bayesian Learningk-Nearest Neighbor HW (before class)
Oct 177.2.2-7.2.3
Optional: 5.3
Radial Basis Function Networks, Data MiningNaïve Bayes HW (before class)
Oct 2213EnsemblesDecision Tree Lab (due by 11 pm)
Oct 2414.1
Section 5.4 of this reading
Clustering and Unsupervised LearningGroup Project Progress Report
Oct 29Case Studies
Clustering Lab description
Ethics and the Future of Machine LearningHAC HW (before class)
Oct 3110.1-10.4Genetic AlgorithmsNearest Neighbor Lab (due by 11 pm)
k-Means HW (before class)
Nov 511.1-11.3Markov Models
Nov 716.3Hidden Markov Models
Nov 1211.4-11.7Reinforcement Learning and Q-LearningClustering Lab (due by 11 pm)
Nov 14Group Project TimeRL HW (before class)
Nov 198.1-8.3SVMs
Nov 21Final Exam Review
Dec 3Group Project Oral Presentations:
  • NFL Playoffs Prediction
  • League of Legends Prediction
  • Image Classification w/ TensorFlow
  • Feature Selection
Dec 5Group Project Oral Presentations:
  • Book Recommendation
  • Genre Prediction
  • Housing Prediction
Service-Learning report (due by 11 pm)
Group Project report (due by 11 pm)
Dec 10Final (7:30am)

The schedule is subject to change. The final is Tuesday, Dec 10, 7:30-9:30 a.m. in our normal classroom.