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Introduction to Python Programming

Congratulations! You are starting on the exciting adventure of learning computer programming! It will be a fun adventure, but it will also be a very rewarding adventure. The skills you will learn will make you a better problem-solver and, if you continue, will prepare you to make a real impact in a world that desperately needs good computer programmers!

In this course you will be learning Python 3, the latest version of the most popular programming language. It is popular because it is also one of the easiest languages to learn. we will follow the material as found in an e-book that can be a resource to continue learning Python after the course is over (this course doesn't necessarily make use of the e-book). The course will require about 20 hours for middle schoolers and closer to 15 hours for high schoolers. Below is a schedule of things you will learn (devoting roughly 4 hours per day) and a list of the resources we will use that you can continue to use after the camp is over.


  • Monday: Think like a Programmer, Values, Data types, Variables, Input/Output
  • Tuesday: For loops, Range Function, Turtle Graphics
  • Wednesday: Boolean values, If-Else Statements, Lists
  • Thursday: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
  • Friday: Catch-up and Family Day

Needed Resources

Student Examples

The following are examples of games that students have programmed using these course materials. These scripts all work with If you have a game that you've built that you would like to add to our list, please email it to me at!

Extra Resources