EE 8850 -- Doctoral Dissertation

(PhD in Engineering and Applied Science)

Recent PhD Dissertations:

High Performance CMOS Circuits for Fast Carry Generation with Power Optimization, Naga S. Muppaneni, July 2019

GPU Oriented Approach to Finite Element Multiphysics Simulation, Dawid L. Krol, May 2015

Fusion of Surface EMG and EEG Signals for Embedded Control of Selected Prosthetic Hand Motions, Alex N. Jensen, April 2014

Real-Time Embedded Framework for Force and Position, Estimation and Control Strategies for the Smart Prostheses, Chandrasekhar Potluri, May 2013

Past Research Projects:

Networked Embedded Systems and Controls

Enhancing Access to the Radio Spectrum

High Performance Computing and Storage Systems

Smart Grid Reliability and Resiliency Analytics

Enhanced Active Learning for Terrain Classification

Holistic Systems for Prosthetic Hand Control