ENGR 6650 -- MS Thesis

(MS in Measurement and Control Engineering)

Recent MS Theses:

Microbial Fuel Cell Power Measurement and Optimization, Zunnun Mostafa Mahmud, July 2018

Slippage Control for a Smart Prosthetic Hand Prototype via Modified Tactile Sensory Feedback, Girish Sriram, May 2014

Real-Time sEMG-Based Finger Joint Angle Control for a Smart Prosthetic Hand, Pavan K. Yarlagadda, May 2013

Intelligent Classification of Surface Electromyographic (EMG) Signals Based on Entropy for the Control of a Robotic Hand, Alex N. Jensen, August 2011

Past Research Projects:

Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA)

File IO for PIC32 Using Matlab/Simulink and dsPIC Toolbox

Development of a DFT Algorithm Using CUDA