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  • In this section you will find family and genealogical data for not only my kid's ancestors, but also for all the other related family I could find as well. There ended up being well over 2000 individuals!
  • As you can see in the navigation bar to the left, is one page for images and one for data. In 'images', you will find both scanned photographs and documents as well as some pre-prepared family trees. These trees are from early on in the project and will be updated soon. (~Summer 2005). In 'data' you will find links to download family genealogical data in the universal GEDCOM format.
  • Numerous individuals contributed time and assistance to making this as complete as it is and I thank them graciously. Without their records and stories this would never have come together so well.
  • If you have any questions about what you see here or have material to contribute (e.g. missing people, scanned photographs or documents) please contact me. If you find any errors as well, please let me know and I'll set them straight. There is nothing worse than misrepresenting someone else's life and then publishing it on-line!

Tom Crosby (my grandfather) with my dad and aunt ann on Lake Mary


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updated: 2015
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