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The Response of Arctic Surface Processes to Climate Change

  • The new NSF funded Thermokarst Project!
  • A Massive Landslide (Retrogressive Thaw Slump) on the Selawik River
  • Establishing a Water and Sediment Flux Monitoring System in the Western Arctic
    • Collaboration with D. Jerolmack, funding from INRA

Recognizing Connections Between Physical and Ecological Processes in Streams: Studies from the Salmon River

  • NSF EPSCoR Funded: Water Resources in a Changing Climate
    • Hypsometric analysis to predict changing snow line impacts on hydrologic regime
    • Differentiating channel form between snow and rain dominated tributaries
    • Correlation of climate change, geomorphic response and stream ecology
  • DeVlieg Foundation Funded: Water Research in Big Creek, M.F. Salmon River
    • Topographic Controls on Catchment Hydrology
    • Temporal Response of Sediment Flux Following Wildfire

Improving the Tools and Techniques for Geomorphic Analysis

  • Modeling Hillslope Stability using LiDAR Topography, GIS and Surface Monitoring
  • Topographic Reconstruction of the Waipaoa River catchment: an 18,000 year old DEM
  • Evaluating Techniques for Hydrologic Network Delineation in Low Relief Landscapes
  • Development of Mobile GIS Tools for River Restoration and Geomorphic Surveying
  • Mapping Geomorphic Features on the Moon (Marius Hills Volcanic Complex)
  • geomorphtools: a web resource for sharing and obtaining tools for topography

The Persistence and Communication of Transient Signals in Rivers

  • Terraces, Knickpoints and Cosmogenic Erosion Rates Capture the Pace of Landscape Response to Long-Term Tectonic Forcing in the Eel River, Northern California




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