Research: Undergraduate Students

Senior Thesis / Research Project Advisor:

  • Emmy Rae; B.S. Earth and Environmental Systems
    • Census and Character of Avalanche Delivered Wood to Mountain Channels
  • Holly Young; B.S. Geology, 2014,
    • Scaling Relations in Channel Geometry in Tributaries to Big Creek, ID.
  • Christopher Lile, B.S. Geology, 2013,
    • RFID Bedload Tracking across a Climate Gradient, Central Idaho.
  • Aaron Trevino; B.S. Geology, 2011,
    • Tracking Bedload Transport Using RFID Tags; When does what move?
  • Liam Junk; B.S. Earth and Environmental Systems, 2010,
    • Temporal and Spatial Variation in Suspended Sediment in Big Creek, ID
  • Eric Carlson; B.A. Geology, 2009,
    • Sediment Delivery After Wildfire: Does Big Creek Feel the Burn?
  • Kacy Krieger; B.S. Geology 2008,
    • Reconstructing an incised landscape using imagery and GIS, Waipaoa, NZ

As Laboratory Assistants:

  • GIS-based index of our aerial photo library:
    • Emily Charaska, Jeff Zausch, Jason McDermott, Eric Johnson
  • Flume dissasembly, transport, reassembly and calibration
    • Jim Halstead, Holly, Young, Zach Privet, Nathan English, Marcus Nelson, Tyler Saxton, Jeffrey Kidd, Isaac Westfall, Justin Smith, Ian Lauer
  • Gibson Jack Curriculum Development, Water and Carbon Budgets
    • Tisha Farris, Oscar Ebanja
  • Marsh Creek network of water quality sensors
    • Michael Martin, Baylee Nye

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