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About me

John Edwards

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Idaho State University. I will be joining the Computer Science faculty at Utah State University in fall, 2018.

My CV can be found here. Check out my lab.

Generalized Voronoi Diagram
with N. Morrical, G. Daniel, V. Pascucci, C. Bajaj
  Journal: Computer Graphics Forum (2015) , Computers and Graphics (2017)
  Conference: Eurographics (2015), Shape Modeling International (2017)
Magnet simulation
with B. Edwards
  Journal: European Journal of Physics (2016) , Chaos (2017)
Data movement on supercomputers
with S. Kumar, D. Hoang, S. Petruzza, P-T. Bremer, A. Knoll, C. Christensen, V. Vishwanath, P. Carns, J. Schmidt, V. Pascucci
  Conference: Supercomputing (2014) , HiPC (2017)
Streamline visualization
with X. Tong, C-M. Chen, H-W Shen, C. Johnson, P. Wong
  Journal: TVCG (2016)
Surface reconstruction from contours
with E. Daniel, J. Kinney, T. Sejnowski, T. Bartol, D. Johnston, K. Harris, C. Bajaj
  Journal: CAD (2011) , Neuroinformatics (2014)
  Conference: Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling (2010)
Surface remeshing
with W. Wang, C. Bajaj
  Conference: International Meshing Roundtable (2012)
Visualization for EOD robots
with J. Alberts, J. Johnston, J. Ferrin, M. Berkemeier
  Conference: Army Science Conference (2008) , SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing (2009)