In Chronological Order
Date Project
9/15 - Present o Professor of Physics at Idaho State University
9/10 - 9/15 o Associate Professor of Physics at Idaho State University
9/05 - 9/10 o Associate Research Professor of Physics at Idaho State University
9/00 o Assistant Professor of Physics at Louisiana Tech University
3/01 o Established Data Acquisition lab utilizing single board computers (PPC604) running VxWorks and hosted by a PC running the Linux operating system.
6/98 - 8/00 o Post-Doctoral researcher at Old Dominion University Physics Department
4/00 o Co-developer of a software package to compress reconstructed data 100 fold.
11/98 o Established integrity of electron polarization measurements.
9/98 o Developed real time data acquisition monitor under SUN solaris to evaluate data quality during acquisition. Monitor was scalable and able to evaluate 100 events every second for every 400 MHz CPU used.
8/99 o Established communication bridge between Labview running under Windows and a Unix (Sun solaris) based data acquisition system using "smart sockets".
1/91 - 5/98 o Visiting scientist at MIT
6/97 o Monte Carlo simulations involving electrons on an extended Liquid Hydrogen target with radiative corrections utilizing GEANT.
4/97 o Photo-multiplier detector calibration and linearity tests using DAQ system established on 1/97. Test precision approached the part per million level.
1/97 o Established DAQ system hosted by an HP unix system and using VxWorks on VME single board computers.
4/96 o Developed control system software (using C, ``Tcl'' graphic libraries and perl) for cryogenic target operation in Jefferson Lab's Hall C. The package was adopted by other experimental groups and is still being used after 6 years in the research environment.
2/96 o Developed data analysis package with dynamic histograming and event testing software for use on HP UNIX systems.
4/95 o Data Acquisition experience on VMS systems using CAMAC crates with Micro-programmable Branch Drivers (MBDs)

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