My current research deals with the kinematic synthesis of articulated bodies. I am interested in the use of Clifford algebras for the analysis and synthesis of systems with spatial motion. Specific applications include multi-fingered robotic hands and exoskeletons for rehabilitation and prosthetics.

News and Recent Results

  • Check out 2013-2014 research activity at the ISU Robotics Lab webpage.
  • Fall 2013: New course on Advanced Kinematic Synthesis.

    Course material available at the ISU Robotics Lab webpage.

  • The Scott Hand is ready for testing.

    [Scott Hand] The Scott Hand has been designed by MS student Kurt Scott for prosthetic applications. Assembly was finalized by Summer 2013, actuation and testing are underway.

  • Research project: Design of Multi-fingered Robotic Grippers (2012)

    Research opportunities are available for MS and PhD students in this 4-year project.

  • Back to ISU (August 2011)

    I am back from my leave of absence at the Institut de Robotica i Informatica Industrial (IRI) in Barcelona, Spain.

    Current collaborative projects with the IRI:

    - The Cuik Project

  • Exact kinematic synthesis for workspaces

    [RPRP robot] For some articulated systems, it is possible to find the explicit formulation of the workspace by using a finite set of positions. The easiest case is that of a mechanism whose workspace forms a screw system.

  • Design of articulated systems with tree structure

    [hand robot]The obvious example could be a wrist/hand complex, where several serial chains share some common joints. For this systems, tasks are defined as a set of positions for each of the end-effectors. Kinematic synthesis of tree-like structures allows extending exact synthesis to remarkably big systems. See also Edgar Simo-Serra's page.

  • Useful links

    Synthetica is a nice tool for the synthesis and simulation of spatial serial chains. The Java solver that is used as the general solver in Synthetica 2.0 was designed for the finite-position synthesis of spatial serial chains with precision positions.

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