The ISU Dept. of Physics conducts exciting and educational science demonstration shows at S.E. Idaho schools. The program is in it's tenth year, and over 70,000 students and over 3,500 teachers have attended at least one of our presentations.

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Program Director: Dr. Steven L. Shropshire

Five different presentations are currently available; "Forces and Motion", "States of Matter", "Electricity and Magnetism", "Sound and Waves" and Light, Lasers, and Illusions". 

Descriptions of these presentations and links to additional information follow:

Forces and Motion

States of Matter

Electricity and Magnetism

Sound and Waves

Light, Lasers, and Illusions

Past and Future School Visits

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This program is supported by grants, funds, and donations of materials from The ISU College of Science and Engineering, the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE), and Norco of Pocatello.