Sarah E. Godsey


Graduate Students

Caitlin Rushlow

Caitlin is a Ph.D. candidate studying water tracks in northern Alaska. She is exploring how connected these zero-order features are to the surrounding hillslopes, what controls their storage-flow dynamics, and how to model their thermal and hydrological dynamics. She has recently been a Climate Science Communication Fellow at the McCall Outdoor Science School.

Anna Radke

Anna is a M.S. student studying carbon fluxes at the Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory in southwestern Idaho. She is exploring hillslope contributions to fluvial export in headwater basins.

Jenna Dohman

Jenna is a M.S. student studying water quality and risk perception in the Lower Portneuf River Valley in southeastern Idaho, with a focus on pharmaceutical and nitrate contamination and risk across urban-wildland interfaces.

Undergraduate Students

Alli Trcka

Alli is an undergraduate geosciences major "getting her feet wet" doing research with the catchment hydrology lab.

Nestor Madrigal

Nestor is an undergraduate engineering student from UI doing research with the catchment hydrology lab as a MURI intern.

Lab Friends & Alumni

Clarissa Enslin

Clarissa received her M.S. in 2016 studying the sensitivity of the rain-snow transition zone in complex mountainous terrain. She used the ISNOBAL model to improve our understanding of water resources at the Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory. She is currently working as an environmental consultant in Irvine, CA.

Courtney (Richards) Ohr

Courtney received her M.S. in 2016 and studied water quality and risk perception, with a focus on possible nitrate and pharmaceutical contamination in southeastern Idaho. She is currently working as a NASA intern in the ISU GIS lab.

John Whiting

John received his M.S. in 2015 and walked all over the Frank Church wilderness to map stream networks and understand their dynamics in light of plant water use across the rain-snow transition in mountainous watersheds. He is currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania.

Chris Tennant

Chris received the 1st ISU Geosciences Ph.D. as part of Ben Crosby's lab. He studies snow hydrology and geomorphology, and we collaborated on his MS work on hydrology in the Salmon River basin and subsequent Ph.D. work on the sensitivity of mountain catchments to climate change. He is currently a postdoctoral scholar at UC-Berkeley.

Melissa Nikolov

Melissa was an undergraduate MURI intern working on extraction and identification of pharmaceuticals in ground and surface water through use of GC/MS with her background in Chemistry and Mathematics. She also analyzed snow data and all around rocks.

Lakin Beal

Lakin was an undergraduate researcher who completed her senior thesis on soil development and hydraulic properties at Craters of the Moon National Monument. She conducted all field and lab analyses and published her senior thesis in the journal Geoderma. She now works for a mining company in Utah.

Kim Archibald

Kim was an undergraduate MURI intern who became a whiz at sapflow sensor construction. She is an ISU EES alum.

Cody Feldman

Cody was a spring 2014 undergraduate CPI intern who worked on remote sensing and sample design for Arctic research. He is now an ISU graduate student in the MS-GIS program

Dylan Refaey

Dylan was a MURI intern and undergraduate CPI intern with our lab. He built sensors, analyzed data, and ran up mountains with John Whiting to check on sapflow sensors that he helped to build. He is an ISU Earth and Environmental Systems alumnus currently serving as a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Africa.

Kristen Webb

Kristen is an undergraduate MURI intern who completed a literature review on intermittent stream flow with Tetzlaff and Omar in collaboration with Godsey and Rebecca Hale (ISU Biological Sciences faculty).

Sarah Tetzlaff

Sarah is an undergraduate student who completed an independent study on intermittent stream flow with MURI interns Webb and Omar. She has transferred to Boise State University for their undergraduate hydrology program.

Bailee Nye

Bailee was an undergraduate MURI intern who worked with Courtney Ohr to sample 100 wells in the lower Portneuf River Valley and helped process all the water samples.

Oscar Ebanja

Oscar was an undergraduate MURI intern with an engineering background who helped to prepare dataloggers and instruments for a weather station installation.

Logan Chance

Logan was a hardy undergraduate researcher at Toolik Field Station in summer 2013 through the Arctic LTER REU program. He is now an alum of ISU's Outdoor Education Program.


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