Marco P. Schoen

Current and past Research Projects

Jet Engine and Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory

Currently we are developing an improved Jet Engine and Wind Tunnel Research Laboratory at the
MCERC. Research in Active Flow Control
of axial compressors as commonly found in
civil jet engines as well as modeling and control
of commercial jet engines are current ongoing projects.

Biomedical Engineering Research Laboratory

Topics of active work are found in Biomedical Signal Processing, Estimation, and Sensor Development
as well as Autonomous Wwheelchair Driving using Deep Learning, and prosthetic device control using sEMG signals.


Currently we are working on a number of projects
that relate to Biomedical, Aerospace Engineering, Controls, Added Manufacturing, and Alternative Energy.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR for rehabilitation, robotics, and visualization of aerospace systems

Controls in Renewable Energy

Wind turbine control and wave energy device control applications

Additive Manufacturing

Control and Process Identification of Direct Energy Deposite Process