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Mineral Separation Lab at ISU
Pearson, Murray, Link

The ISU Geosciences Laboratory for Environmental Geochemistry contains in-house facilities and support structure for:
  • Clean separation of high-density minerals such as zircon, apatite, and garnet from their sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous host rocks, utilizing a Braun Chipmunk jaw crusher and disc mill, Wilfley shaking table, Frantz barrier magnetic separator, and high-density liquids.
  • Hand-selection and measurement (if appropriate) of high-quality mineral grains using a stereographic polarizing microscope equipped with a rotating stage and coupled to a computer with Olympus Cellsens Dimension imaging and analysis software.
  • Preparation of mounted and precision-polished epoxy sample discs used for spatially controlled geo- and thermochronology.
  • Interested in mineral separations at ISU? Feel free to contact Dave, Kendra, Kurt, or Paul to inquire about availability and competitive rates.

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